R850 Nema Gifts Gift Box!

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What is inside the Gift Box? - Personalised box - Personalised double wall acrylic tumbler - Personalised A5 soft cover notebook - Personalised rose gold diamond pen - Personalised metallic gold mug (Mirror finish)


Nema gifts really delivered with this one! The tumbler is so handy for your home office, or your office office. Especially if you don’t want someone to know what you have in there *wink wink*. The gold mug is gorgeous! Whatever you put in that mug will just make your whole morning. The pen is so classy. I feel like whatever you write with this pen will motivate you to put your mind to it and really work. And the notebook! It is so clean and so perfect.
This gift is very personal. If you share this with someone, they will feel so loved every time they see it.